Vericose Veins

My Vericose Veins flared up during pregnancy. With subsequent pregnancies, they became worse. My biggest pregnancy complaint was usually the vericose veins!

I wish I could say that after I was done having children, the vericose veins went away. That is not the case. They got some better, but they still cause fairly regular pain.

After having dealt with this for many years, and trying every idea I came across, I have found two wonderful products that relieve the pain:

                  Stocking or Leggings for Vericose Veins


Open-Toe Compression Stockings or Leggings

$8.99 - $16.99:

Knee High, Medium Compression

Thigh-High, Medium Compression

Knee-High, Firm Compression

Thigh-High, Firm Compression

Or, if you prefer, High Quality JOBST Compression Stockings and Leggints
V2 Vulvar
                  Vericose Veins Supporter

V2 Supporter

(for Vulvar Varicosities)

V2 Supporter

I hope this helps! After trying "everything", this was what I settled on as providing the most effective pain relief for vericose veins.