The Toolbox

I like to be a mother who is prepared for the various circumstances or emergencies that can come up in family life. These issues can be as small as children who are bored, or as great as a trip to the emergency room. When we, as mother's, are prepared, we can tackle each of these situations with much greater ease than if we are unprepared.

Every mom bennefits from having a good "toolbox". In her toolbox, she will have useful ideas stored away, ready to be used at a moment's notice. I have found that having ideas and a plan, ready for action, is crucial when managing my large family, consisting of six children.

When I think about my "toolbox", I picture a neatly ordered closet or chest. I would like it to be ready to use, because I never know when I need them. One of the things this means is that I have ideas in place for how to respond to my children when they come to me saying, "I'm bored." I like to have useful things for them to do, that help them grow and develop.

I have been a mom for 12 years. I have been in the Toy Industry for 10 years. During these years I have learned much, and I would like to share that with you!

This is a friendly website, from one mom to another, featuring helpful "Mom Reviews" and other information and articles (coming soon) pertaining to raising these little children we have been entrusted with. Since this is also my "hobby", I am sure it will branch off into other areas, but a Mom's care of her children, in guiding them to good use of their time through educational or learning toys and activities is going to be the main focus of this site.

The blog exists just as a way of sharing different experiences or thoughts. Feel free to follow along, and relate to our family as you go through your journey with raising yours!

Please forgive the "newness" of the website. It is new, but I have a lot of ideas and places I would like to eventually go with it. :)