These are toys that aid in learning, creativity, or development, but the kids don't even it because they're having so much fun!

Fortamajig "Fun Fort"

The Fortamajig allows children to build their own customizable fort anywhere there is something to strap to! This amazing product is what every child has been  dreaming of when they take their blankets and tie them up with strings and clothes pins, trying to create the perfect fort. Now all of that is easy with the appropriately placed straps. Watch your child's imagination go wild as they explore the endless possiblities (both indoor and outdoor) of the original Fortamajig "Fun Fort", one of my favorite products.

Legos "Ultimate Building Set"

405 Pieces

Legos were voted the "Toy of the Century", one of the highest awards in the toy industry. We fully agree; there is no better toy!

Here is a great, affordable starter set if you are looking to begin a lego collection.

Standard Wooden Blocks
60 Piece Starter Set

Wooden blocks are a classic standby, whether they are for your own kids, or you're looking for something to keep grandkids busy when they visit! Children learn as they stack and play:
  • Math Skills (These are unit blocks, meaning the pieces are equal lengths to other pieces when stacked together)
  • Construction/Building Skills
  • Pretend Play as their imaginations take off! (The picture says it all...)
This is a good, quality set with many high ratings. It is a good investment for a large number of wooden blocks.

1 Dozen Animal Puppets

Puppets are a highly "educational" toy, as children are delighted to make up stories and put on shows... all of which promotes much thinking and development! A set of puppets, is a wonderful addition to the toy collection of anyone who is looking for strong develepmental toys. The possibilities in pretend play are literally endless!

This affordable set comes with 12 puppets... enough for LOTS of engaging play!