Cheap Kindle Fire Cover

Cheap Kindle Fire Cover

I received a new Kindle Fire for Christmas!
This is totally exciting.

I decided I needed something to protect my new toy, so from's kindle fire page, I started browsing the available covers. I was surprised to discover they ranged in price from $29.99 - $44.99! Um... this was a bit beyond what I had wanted to pay! So, off to search I went. A sturdy case that opened and displayed the kindle like a TV, hands-free, was what I was looking for. And green is my favorite color, so that would be a bonus. And after seeing the $44.99 kindle fire cover was leather... I was thinking leather would be nice too.

Surprise, surprise! There are more kindle fire cases out there, and much cheaper at that!

After some research, I settled on a green leather cover for $9.85. It protects my kindle as needed, and I have been very happy with it.

Since creating this page, the pricing has changed, so my favorite color is no longer on sale for such a good price! I did look again for you, and current deals are as follows:

I do not know how long the prices will last, but hopefully this gives you a good start! I hope you can catch a good deal like I did on your kindle fire cover